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During Ramadan in Jeddah's Historic District "AlBalad," we offer diverse heritage, religious, cultural, and entertainment activities alongside unique culinary experiences. Experience traditional local games reflecting our rich culture and history. A dedicated children's corner provides interactive and educational activities, fostering a fun and learning-filled environment for kids. Join us in AlBalad for a memorable Ramadan experience!

Jeddah Historic District “AlBalad”

Jeddah Historic District “AlBalad”

Starting from

From 07:00 pm to 03:00 am

Starting from 11 March

Terms & Conditions

In purchasing this ticket, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions and adhere to any other responsible terms and conditions or restrictions provided by the organizer before or during the event: • Every attendee must purchase a separate ticket. • 12+ • Tickets prices are non-refundable. • In case of reselling the ticket outside webook platform, the tickets will be cancelled without any refund. • In case of event cancellation, postponing or changing the date by the event organizer, the ticket price will be refunded. • The ticket holder is solely responsible for checking the date, time, location, and the age restriction of the event. Early arrival is a must, and the organizer shall have the right to refuse any late entries and the ticket holder shall not have the right to claim for a refund of the ticket price or any compensation whatsoever. • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises, including e-cigarettes. The use of lighters and matches is also prohibited inside the site, except in areas designated for smoking. • The organizer accepts no liability for bodily injury, illness, or death of any visitor (including ticket holder) and / or loss of or damage to personal effects arising out of or in connection with the event. • The organizer has the right to remove whoever commits an act that, in the opinion of the organizer, is a contrary behavior.

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